U R Important To Life!

Ms. U R Important To Life


Her name is Iyaba Lawal

Mother, entrepreneur, survivor, youth development professional and avid skater. Passionate about leading beyond the walls of corporate America, Iyaba left her senior role at a fortune 500 company after 17 years. Jumping wholeheartedly into the non-profit sector, speaking to inspire and change lives.

 Iyaba's leadership career afforded her to travel, gain extensive knowledge and experience in sales, operations, quality assurance, training and development as well as managing retail stores in excess of 28 million in revenue. 

She's educated in Business Administration, served as VP of Education for Toastmasters of Houston, Texas and two time Parent Engagement Award winner for Newton Co schools. Iyaba's  journey started as a teen mom however with a determined mindset she pushed herself  to grow leaps and bounds into a savvy business professional. Managing hundreds of employees that fueled  her passion to impact the lives of others beyond  9-5.

Five months after leaving her corporate career and starting U R Important To Life, she fell ill to a tumor that was almost 10 pounds. It took a full year of rehabilitation, learning to walk, talk, and eat again.


The tumor attached onto major organs in her body, turning a 4 hour surgery into 8 hours. However Iyaba didn't quit, she fought her way back and by the grace of God with a tremendous story of triumph and miracles. Standing boldly with a clear understanding that she to is Important To Life. 


U-Power Workshops and Keynotes

As an high impact -inspirational  speaker and innovator, Iyaba will bring new life and connection to your next event. Lets get candid and hone in on your current and future needs. We can design a custom workshop or presentation that tailors to the needs of your organization, church, school or business. 

No matter if Iyaba is speaking at a conference or facilitating a workshop. She will help you break through the boundaries that are limiting  beliefs of your importance. Inspiring you to move from the world of yesterday's barriers to a world of tomorrow's wins. Her mission is simple U R Important To Life and let no one tell you otherwise.